Annie Zamero is interested in conflict between Self and Other and how this leads to personal power.

Since 2013,  Zamero has been developing the Warrior series, which is about conflict with Other and at the same time conflict with Self. Different aspects of being a warrior are considered, that is being defeated, wounded or victorious and the drama of conflict features regularly. Earlier works used hot colours to express the violence and heat of battle and are more suggestive of conflict with others. These developed into the use of cooler colours to express a more meditative, contemplative state where battles are more personal and spiritual. Further developments have involved the depiction of dance- like movement,  some of which are suggestive of shamanic rituals where the individual enters a trance state to restore balance and mend the soul. The presence of a sword or weapon are a recurring feature, and are archaic symbols representing knowledge.

Zamero researches images of theatrical performers such as mime artists , Kabuki and Indian dancers. She also attends some live performances. Zamero then distorts the images and combines them with distortions of warrior images from tribes across the globe. Layers of textured paint are combined with pouring of liquefied paint to create accidental effects.

The imagery is abstracted as Zamero believes we engage with reality more sharply when confronted with   distortions. She gets strength from these works to continue her own life struggle and it is as if the paintings become her personal allies.

From 2008 onwards,  Zamero has developed the Satirical series which involves the idea of the political cartoon as a piece of fine art.  Each painting is set in an art historical context depicting a politician or member of Royalty as a cartoon, posing as a figure from an Old Master painting, itself chosen to create humour about the person. This creates irony as Zamero likes to invest opposite values to those the Self believes it owns. The figures are selected because of their personal power and are often iconic.

Zamero believes a painting can be both challenging and comedic and asks us to consider how absurd a painting can be and yet still be 'serious'. She enjoys a sense of the ridiculous and strives for a convergence of gravitas and the cartoon.  It was the desire to work on more archetypal figures rather than specific individuals that led Zamero to begin the Warrior series  described below.

The Holocaust series was the earliest work Zamero created. It is about conflict between Other which in turn creates conflict within Self and within the family unit. Images of intimate family photos are imbued with tokens of horror. Since the concentration camps produced so many dead bodies, many were burnt, and hence Zamero has used photos, muslin etc which she has burnt in the oven or grill, as well as chemical affects suggesting burning. In contrast to working on the experience of total disempowerment via persecution and extermination, Zamero turned to investigating ways of representing public figures with personal power and this led to the Satirical series.



2018:   'Art4Grenfell', Royal Bank Scotland HQ, London EC2
             Selected by Sophia Wallace Dunlop and Hercules Fisherman

2017:  'Massaging The Message', The Magma Group, Arthouse1 Gallery, London SE1
            Selected by Director Rebecca Fairman                                   

2017:   'Spectrum', The Magma Group, TML Gallery, Holborn, London, WC1
             Selected by Director Harry Triggs and curation team

2017:   'Remember Her', Tower Gallery, London E13
             Selected by Rebecca Feiner, curator

2017:  'Stuckism International', Quintus Gallery, New York, USA
Selected by Charles Thomson, co-founder of The Stuckists, and  Ron Throop   

2016:   Independent Liverpool Biennial, View Two Gallery, Liverpool.
            Selected by Ken Martin, Director View Two Gallery and Charles Thomson

2016:   'Here Comes The Flood', Euroart Studios, London N15
             Selected by Dr Daniel Barnes, philosopher and curator

2016:   'Sixty Open Call', Lubomirov Angus-Hughes, London E5
             Selected by Directors Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Gallery

 2016:   Art Society Soho,  'Revolution Show', 'Black and White Show', 'HM90' Show'
             The Black and White Building, London EC2
             Selected by Martin Vintner-Jackson / selection committee Art Society Soho and Creative Debuts

 2015:   'Remodernising the Mainstream', University of Kent at Canterbury
              Selected by Dr Ben Thomas, Senior Lecturer, History of  Art and Charles Thomson

 2014:   'The Instability of Being', The Magma Group, The Griffin Gallery, London W11
              Group selected by Becca Pelly-Fry, Director and advisory panel of Griffin Gallery

2014:    'Speaker's Corner- New Voices in Hackney Art', BL-NK Space, London N1,
              Selected by the Mayor of Hackney and Pete Bennett, artist/curator.(With Billy Childish, Sweet Toof,
              Aly Helyer and David Smith)
2013:    'The Magma Group 2013 Show', The Vibe Gallery London SE16
              Group selected by Mark Bean, Director Vibe Gallery

2012:    The Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, Marylebone Road, London NW1.
              Selected by Ian Rosenfeld, Director Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery; Francesca Gavin,
              visual arts editor, Dazed and Confused; Edward Lucie-Smith, James Hopkins

2012:    'Elizabethan Avant-Garde' Bermondsey Project, London SE1,
              Selected by Edward Lucie-Smith, art critic, and Charles Thomson.

2012:     Affordable Art Exhibition Vol 4, The Vibe Gallery, London, SE16.
              Selected by Mark Bean, Director Vibe Gallery.

2011:    'Connection Point London' Bermondsey Project, London SE1
              Selected by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presneill of the Torrence Art Museum,
              Los Angeles.

2011:    'Enemies of Art', Lauderdale House, London N6
              Selected by Charles Thomson and Edward Lucie-Smith

2010:    Independent Liverpool Biennale, View Two Gallery, Liverpool
             Selected by Ken Martin, Director View Two Gallery and Charles Thomson

2008:    European Capital of Culture Festival, View Two Gallery, Liverpool.
             Selected by Ken Martin, Director View Two Gallery


2015:  'Spinning with your Warrior', Levitski Gallery', London E5
2009:  'Laughing States', Levitski Gallery, London E5
2007:  'Burning', The Salon des Arts, London, SW7


2018:  'Fusion IV', Candid Gallery, London EC1
2018:  'Enshrine',Crypt Gallery, NW1
2017:  'Stuckist Show', Cass Art Gallery, London N1
2017:  Open Studios, Euroart, London N15
2016  'WeWork Space Launch', Medius House, Soho, London, W1
2016:  'Tribe 16' Festival, The Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street, London SE1
2016:  'Magma Unseen',The Montage Gallery, London SE23
2015:  'The Magma Group 2015 Show'
2014:  'Explorers and Inventors', The Trunk Space, Phoenix Arizona, USA
2012:  Bow Arts Open, Bow Arts Trust, Bow Road London E3
2011:  International Artspace, Adzac House Museum, PARIS
2010:  'Stuckist Remodernist Show' Lauderdale House, London N6
2010:  Artspace Galleries, Maddox Street, London W1
2010:  'Under the Cover of Romantic Anonymity' Ash-In-Art Gallery, ATHENS


2018:  Euroart Open Studios-Co-Curated exhibition of 40 artists
2017:  'The Medium and the Message', The Magma Group, Arthouse1 Gallery, London SE1
2015:  'The Magma Group Show 2015', Espacio Gallery, London E2
2014:  'The Instability of Being,' The Magma Group, The Griffin Gallery, London W11
2013:  'The Magma Group', Southwark Studios Project Space London SE1
2013:  'The Magma Group Show 2013' The Vibe Gallery, London SE16
2012:  'Fusion' The Magma Group, Apricot Gallery, The Rag Factory, London E1
2009:  'Stuck on Painting', West-Eleven Gallery, London W11 '


2018:   Radio ResonanceFM104.4, invited by Jude Cowan Montague as guest speaker
2017:   Chairperson/Organiser symposium 'The Medium and the Message', Arthouse1 Gallery, with Professor Michael Archer,
            Michael Glover and Anna McNay 
2017:   Guest speaker 'Making Art from Images of Theatre and the Unconscious',
2015:   Initiated and organised guest curator and guided tours at Euroart Open Studios, London N15
2015:   Invited as member Open Studio Team, Euroart, London N15
2015:   Invited as artist member of Art Society Soho, London W1
2015:   Interviewed by Jo Hodges, Creative Practice Director, School of Media, London         
            College Communication, UAL for PhD research 'Saatchi Artefacts and Stuckism'
2015:   Interviewed by by Kala Bennu for Chrom-Art, London SE1
2014:   Chairperson for Panel Discussion on 'The Role of Expression in Contemporary Art'
            at the Griffin Gallery, with Ian Rosenfeld, Paul Carey-Kent and Nick Malone
2014:   Talk  'From Politicians to Warriors', videoed by Charles Thomson
2013:   Joint Organiser, Bermondsey Arts Festival
2012:   Director/ performer in The Magma Group's Public Performance at The Other Art Fair
2012:   Interviewed by Edward Lucie-Smith at Bermondsey Project, London SE1
2012:   Talk at Parallax Art Fair:- "Forming an Artists' Collective", Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London SW3
2012:   Director and performer in The Magma Group's Public Performance at Tate Modern (Video on YouTube)          
2011:   Founded The Magma Group (  


Cameron Kerr, Art Agent, West Sussex, UK
Charles Thomson, co-founder of the Stuckist Art Movement
Dean Hall, Impasto Art Management, Clerkenwell, London
Elizabeth Layfield, Land Agents, Mayfair, London
Elsa Dax-Kerr, Paris
Robin Coates, London
Steve Abrahams, London
Tim Clarke, Morgan Stanley Bank, Hong Kong


1994:   Bursary Award Byam Shaw School of Art for BA Fine Art
2014:   Prizewinner 'Best Contemporary Artist'
            'Master of Art International', Margarita Feaks Gallery, Norfolk


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Annie Zamero